Writing A Successful Blog

Blogs are a ‘thing’ these days; thanks to the user-friendly blogger dashboards and sites, anyone can make a basic blog with just a click of a button. Of course, with so many blogs out there, the chances of your blog becoming a big hit with lots of viewers and traffic is highly unlikely – unless you try the following guidelines.

Draw the Reader In

Like with anything else, if your content isn’t solid, nothing else will work in making your blog sustainable. You need original content. The first ten people doing travel blogs managed to get away with it. Today there are so many travel blogs, vlogs and TV shows that writing about your marvellous travelling experiences are not going to help much. You need a new and original angle on it for people to go beyond the first post. Of course if you’re one of those rare people whose writing style can captivate an audience despite the lacklustre subject, then you’re set. If not, find something original and creative to talk about.

Use Engaging Visuals

The web design is extremely important in setting the tone of your blog. If the viewer doesn’t like the look of the blog upon first glance, he/she will rarely give it a read.

So find a web design that matches the theme of what you want to say. Don’t go for a bubble gum pink and poppy theme if your blog is about something academic; similarly if your blog is about your life as a cocktail waitress, don’t choose the book shelf background. These images immediately bring certain connotations to the minds of your potential readers, so use the right visual to give the right idea, or you’ll lose subscribers before they’ve even made up their minds.

Shout It from the Rooftops

Unless you want your blog to remain private, don’t keep quiet about it. Few blogs grow organically to become famous on their own, so if you want the readers, you’re going to have to go out and get them. One way to do this is to advertise online go that ads about your blog pop up on search engines and social media. Or you can simply use every social media site at your disposal to announce your blog and then work to keep the engagement by uploading interesting new content regularly. You can also have ads run on social media so that a wider group of people will see your blog and perhaps click on the link. Share it where you know people with similar interests will see it. For instance if your blog is about exploring minor characters in comics that don’t get much attention in the mainstream, share a link to your blog on a comic fans group page. Click this link http://www.efusiontech.com/corporate-identity-design.html for more information about corporate identity branding.