What You Need To Know About Studying Abroad In China

China is a great place to visit, work, live, and even study. This is largely because you get to experience the country, its culture, history, and its people in all its glory. China has an unusual existence existing between its ancient civilization and its modern one. A lot of people also find it a lot cheaper to study in this nation than in other places around the world.

Now that you have decided where you want to attend university, you may be wondering about the process. While it is not necessarily complicated, you should take that you meet all of the requirements set by the Chinese documents. This includes a variety of documentation and certification such as HSK in Singapore. Here is what you will need to go to school in China:

Applying for Schools

There are several ways that you can apply to schools in China. First, you can choose to apply to a university using the exchange agreements that may exist between the Chinese and your government. You can also apply for the inter-college programs that may be in place between two universities. Finally, you can individually apply to the Chinese university of your choosing. In certain instances, there are also agencies that may help with this educational process.


There are several application forms that you will be required to fill and submit. These are regarding your educational pursuits in China. The second form of documentation that you will require is a Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. You will also have to provide proof of any diplomas or other academic courses that you may have completed. In certain instances, you may need to provide letters of recommendation as well. These documents must be either in English or Chinese when being handed in. They can be found either at the university that you are applying to or your local Chinese embassy.

Entrance Exams and Certification

Depending on the university that you hope to attend and the program that you are enrolling in, the requirements differ. In most instances, however, you will be expected to sit for an entrance exam, tailored to the institution and the degree that you are applying for. Regardless of the college that you will be attending, however, you will have to pass the HSK. This is the standard Chinese proficiency test. You will have to show proof that you have sat for and passed this exam. Only then will you be eligible.

Always check with the relevant authorities before you need to hand in the necessary documents. Make sure that you have all of the required applications and forms with you. Click this link http://www.chineseedge.com.sg/children-chinese-courses/ for more information about Chinese learning for kid.