What You Must Tell The Doctor Before You Go For A Colposcopy

You might be thinking about getting a colposcopy done. You must remember that the doctor will use a large or special magnifier to look deep into the vulva. If he or she does notice a problem in then a small tissue is taken and then the miniature sample is observed under a microscope. Here are some tips on taking a colposcopy:


You must tell the expert whether you are pregnant or not before a Pap smear and colposcopy in Singapore is conducted. He or she might ask you to undergo a urine or even a blood test to determine so. If you are deemed safe then you can undergo the procedure. If a deep cervical examination is required then their slight chance that it can lead to a miscarriage. You will have to repeat this at least 5-6 weeks after the delivery process if you do consider taking this.


Let the doctor know whether you are on any special medication like antihistamines or even anxiety tablets. These drugs can affect the efficacy of the test. Some can even cause interact with the saline or morphine given to you during the process. The procedure can lead to instant death if you are allergic. Make sure you do inform the physician early on.


If you are bleeding then you must tell the physician early as possible. This can interfere with the Pap smear Screening and colposcopy that you are undergoing as the doctor will not be able to figure out the problems in your cervix. If you are on any blood thinners like aspirin inform the physician immediately as this can reduce the chances of you recovering.


Infections can be deadly to most individuals if you are not careful. Some can even interfere with the procedure. Sometimes having an STD, gonorrhea or even AIDS can greatly impair your cervix. Make sure that you do inform the phycian so that he or she will be able to treat the disease quickly. It will make things a lot easier for you too. You can rule out any other diseases apart from what you have or have been treated for.

Make sure that you find a doctor you can be open with some can rather rude and difficult to deal with. Others might be simply after your funds. If you are concerned look for physicians with great reviews on the internet. Make sure that he or she is board certified too. This will ensure that that the expert is well trained and knowledgeable about the procedure. Ask as many questions as you want.