What To Do When You Feel Your Career Is At A Standstill?

When each and every one of us leave college, we have certain career plan in mind. More often than not, we might have spent most of our college years working on attaining that chosen career. We go for seminars, take the relevant subjects at college, even work as interns; without pay and sometimes even without appreciation.

But despite how hard you worked at getting the current job, there are no guarantees that you will enjoy the job; or that it will challenge you.
Here are a few suggestions on what you can do when you feel your current work doesn’t interest you.

Stick to it.

We know it’s difficult, but sometimes, the best you can do is to stick to your current job. Research show that most young adult just stepping into the business world tend to give up on their careers, even before it lifts off the ground. Research also show that most people who quit their jobs too early tend to find it hard to get a new employment; and as a result end up doing a employment less than their true value.

If not all the way, at least partially.

If no matter how much you convince yourself, you still can’t seem to tolerate the thought of sticking to your job, then perhaps you should consider working part time at your current work place or working at a temp job. This is to endure that you have enough funds to support yourself until you find another job, and to also ensure that you don’t get lazy.

Compel your current job to challenge you.

If the thought of hunting for a temporary job, or changing your entire career so early doesn’t make you happy, then perhaps you can compel your current job to challenge you. Show initiatives so that your boss realizes you’re serious and ready to work hard. Keep a positive attitude and think of each day as a new start. Improve your skills and evaluate yourself often. Challenge yourself and your work will inevitably challenge you.

Despite how much we deny it, the people around us, and their attitude towards work can affect how we feel about work as well. If those around you are constantly complaining about the job, and lacking the ambition and the need to move forwards, then as a result, you too will be in a career standstill. Make new friends; meet people who are driven and want to work their way up the ladder of success. Remind yourself constantly of your career goals, and that you are working for yourself.