What Happens When You’ve Forgotten Your Stuff In Storing Facilities?

Self-storages are becoming an increasingly popular industry. More and more people find themselves with no viable storage options, either in their homes or on their business premises, and decide to resort to these facilities to store their extra goods. While this is all and well, there’s just one problem – it seems people forget to retrieve their belongings.

While this sounds quite absurd – it very much true. And it is not a rare occurrence – there are many people who forget the goods they’ve stored in their personal storage space and do not come back to retrieve it. At this point, the company will usually inform their customers of the impending deadline – to retrieve their goods and at times, to pay the remainder of the fees. However, strangely enough, some do not come to retrieve their belongings even under this warning. So then, what happens to these leftover goods? Simply, they are auctioned.

Goods forgotten in their owner’s personal storage space in Singapore, are – by lien law – taken into possession by the self-storage company, which then sells it off in ‘storage auctions’. At this point, some people may argue that owners do not come to retrieve their belongings because they may not be that valuable, but this is quite not the case. Judging from the storage auctions, goods not claimed back from self-storages range from junk goods to jewellery, and even antiques! Therefore, unclaimed goods seem to be more of a case of forgetfulness than mere unwillingness to either pay the outstanding fee or take back your goods (after all, why would someone leave jewellery just because they didn’t want to pay a meagre price for storage services?) Whilst certain people do not come to retrieve their goods, most people do indeed come to take them back once they realize that their goods have been put up under a storage auction advertisement in newspapers. At times, this can even mean that the whole storage auction is cancelled (since the owners have a right to pay their outstanding obligations and take back their goods until the day of the auction itself).

Storage auctions are also the object of attention of another group of people – those that exclusively participate in storage auctions to rake in fortunes. These people often participate in storage auctions to get their hands on what are forgotten jewelleries and antiques – and often, the auction ends up in bidding wars as a result. While there are people who find fortunes within forgotten storage rooms, this is not always the case though – most of the time, things like useful electrical appliances or furniture which could be resold are the valuables that people find amongst unclaimed goods.