Tips For Office Dressing For Ladies

In the modern context a lot more women are working in all industries than ever before. While companies strive for gender equality and feminism is taking a strong standpoint in most aspects of society, when one stops to think about your own personal experience, unless you are some sort of an iron lady, consciously or subconsciously there are small discriminations or instances where you have not been taken seriously by your colleagues simply because you are a woman. While there is no way to change the mindsets of certain people, there are ways in which, as women, we can mitigate this by making sure everyone knows we mean business and is not limited in our abilities simply because we are female.

Dressing Professional

This is a very important aspect where you can strategically play your colleagues or opponents. Your clothing is the first impression that they deem about you and as women, we have the advantage of either playing to our strengths of looking imposing or playing the part of a damsel in distress to throw them off guard. Whichever your strategy maybe, there are a few simple rules such as dressing appropriately, wearing the right size that one needs to adhere by. Ladies bespoke suits are becoming a very popular item in the office arena as it portrays.

The powerful and strong woman, similar to the outlook the men have in their mens suits. However, one can still be as strong and imposing in a tight skirt and heels, if carefully selected. Limiting your wardrobe to strong garments with well-defined lines, plain steel blues and imposing greys, robust prints and high, yet comfortable heels will have a significant impact on how your colleagues perceive you.

Correct Use of Make up

This is again a tricky area to tackle. It is important to have on just enough to define your features which creates an imposing façade and make sure not to overdo it and turn up as the office ‘Doris’. Unless you are a professional in makeup, find out certain shades and techniques that work well for you and match them with your wardrobe. An easy stroke of eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick alone can have the perfect outlook when compared to an inexperienced mix of eye shadow and powders mixed in. Remember to maintain it at low key just to be safe. However, this does not mean not going with makeup at all. Wearing a little will help define your features and make you look sharper at office.