The Power Of The Brand

How aware are we of brands’ influence on our every-day lives?

Ask yourself, do you always go for the same kind of chocolate bar? How about the same kind of sneakers? In fact, have you always stuck to the same brand, right from the first purchase, even though there are an array of options? Why?

It is the power of the brand name.
‘Brands’ hold a stronghold on our daily lives to a point that even eludes us. This, however, is their ultimate objective.

From food, clothing, travel, and technology, brands determine a great number of things; one may be fooled into thinking one is actually making a personal choice, when in fact it is being made for you by the brand itself. This illusion of choice is what has developed global conglomerates to the giants they are today.

How brands dominate the industry
When was the last time you saw a television ad? If you answer, “about five minutes ago, you are correct”. Advertising is the main way in which brands capture the hearts of the people and motivate them to buy that product. Advertising itself usually consists of more false claims than real ones, and the general public successfully fall for these claims. One can even question whether this is legal; should not these brands get into legal trouble for spreading false claims? Although this can be considered a misrepresentation of facts, brand are careful to ensure that whatever claim they make is either followed by a “probably” or is simply too vague a commitment to the fact for legal action to be taken. As such, brands continue to profit simply through the gullible nature of the masses.

For example, a watch servicing in Singapore may declare above its door that it is the best repairer in the state; but who judged this? Which authority certifies this claim? The answer is usually that there is no such authority backing such a claim. But if undisputed by anyone else, then this repair store will continue with its claim and use it to attract more customers.

Does this mean that people are in fact so gullible as to believe a watch repair centre with luxury watch options is the best in the region simply because it says so? Surprisingly, this does actually work in attracting more people. Even if they do not genuinely believe that shop to be the best, they will at the very least try it out to see if it can at least live up to half its claim.

If one is ever to escape this brand domination and actually take their right of choice back in to their hands, then it is important to be aware of facts and figures and not be led astray by mere advertising.