The Development Of ‘Personal Technology’

It can be agreed upon that the development and advancement of technology is truly an unprecedented phenomenon, and changed the landscape of the entire world. The sheer rate at which it progressed was a wing, where just a decade ago, social media was just being thought of. The advancement in learning and science has led to these great leaps and bounds in technology, and has made events such as the moon landing; considered at the time the achievement of the century; seem bleak, with current technology even allowing space tours and landing on other planets, such as Mars, even landing space probes on the moons of other planets.

Over the years, certain types of technology developed to cater to personal needs. These ranged from the mobile phone to the hearing aid in Yishun. Continuous technological development allowed scientists to fine-tune these inventions over the years to far better serve their clientele. Mobile phones that used to be extremely bulky and the size of a regular loaf of bread, now fit seamlessly in one’s pockets. Computers, when first invented, took up entire rooms. Modern-day computers can be hand held, and more robust and heavy-duty devices only take up the space of a regular-sized schoolbook. Furthermore, developments in technology has enabled more people around the world to access computers and in turn, information. Even rural villages in barely accessible areas of the world have been provided with connectivity and the conveniences of modern technology, such as the ability to undertake a formal education online, for those that find physically accessing the nearest school from their location, difficult.

The social media storm has also taken over the world. Connectivity has been made even more accessible, and sharing information and thoughts has never been faster. Social media has also allowed loved ones and concerned parties, including governments, to monitor ongoing events, such as natural disasters or certain war-based crises, through the connectivity provided by social media. This has made rescue and relief efforts far more effective and faster, due to the collective platform provided by social media that speeds up the process of spreading the word. Many a natural disaster relief situations have been improved and made more universal thanks to social media, and volunteers have been seen to pour out from all across the world to assist with relief and rescue efforts

Such amazing technology is beautiful in its application, as it has brought the world closer together and allowed anyone to have the same opportunities, while also bridging the gaps in humanity.