Risks Of Sea Bathing

Taking a dive in the beautiful blue ocean can be the most soothing feeling one could breathe in. Yet, it is also one of the most dangerous activities that may risk your life. There are many health and physical risks that involve in sea bathing. Therefore, as responsible individuals, we must ensure that neither we nor none of our loved ones are exposed to such risks. This article will present to you with an idea on the risks associated with sea bathing.

Avoid savage areas

You must be aware on which areas of the sea could be polluted or savage. Shark dangers are always the scariest. If you are someone who dives in deep sea, always know how to identify a shark that could be coming towards you. You can smoothly swim away without causing any disturbance, thereby avoiding any suspicion for the shark. Signs of a shark trying to eat you would be, it swimming towards in a zig zag pattern. Make sure you have a small knife tied at these cases in order to be the meal of a sea creature.

Do not bathe daily!

Daily sea bathing is by no means advisable to anyone. Sea water contains a high amount of salt. Therefore, you must avoid taking a swim in the sea every day. It has been proven that sea water contains natural vitamins and that it carries the ability to cleanse you, at present sea water has been highly polluted. Therefore, the risk of bathing in the sea is not in its original form but only because of the emission of chemicals. Otherwise, sea bathing is indeed a healthier way to improve rather than taking pills. However it is important that you’ve taken a lifeguard course in Singapore before stepping into the sea in order to avoid any risks of drowning.

Skin protection is important

Sea bathing will naturally expose your skin to the scorching sun and salt water. In order to avoid any type of inconvenience it is necessary that you take the right steps and prevent them. Even for people who have taken a lifeguard course that stay on the watch at the shore will need to use necessary products to protect their skin. In order to avoid conditions such as pigmentation, freckles and destruction of the collagen tissue due to excessive sunlight exposure, it is essential that a sunscreen is being used. Also, it is better to use a bathing suit which will cover up the skin as much as possible.

Know the techniques

Swimming in the sea may look simple, but if you are one of those curious people who’d like to explore deeper into the sea, knowing the right swimming techniques plays an important role. It is much different from swimming in a pool for sea waves crash constantly and you are forced to hold yourself in position without drowning.

Therefore, before proceeding to sea bathe, getting your facts right and preparing yourself is a must!