Organizing A Bridal Shower

One’s wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, important and memorable occasions of any individual’s life. It is a coming together of two individuals to create a life together under a promise of love and commitment. Many loved ones and friends are usually invited to witness this wonderful day, and it is abundant with well-wishers.

Planning a wedding usually takes months, sometimes up to a year or more. For the bride to-be, it is a stressful time full of appointments, commitments, deadlines, and tiring planning. Therefore, hosting a bridal shower would be an ideal way in which to offer her some time to enjoy herself surrounded by her loved ones, and leave aside the strenuous workload for the moment. Link here to gain information about the leading limousine service that provides elegant, sophisticated service to hotels, entertainment and event venues and restaurants across the city.Decorations and theme

A bridal shower is a celebratory event, and therefore should be created surrounding the bride’s likings and preferences. If the bride to-be is appreciative of simple and sophisticated elements, then the theme itself should reflect her taste. The decorations should not appear cluttered and busy, and should add beauty to the venue.

Creating a guest list

As this is a surprise event for the bride to-be, she cannot be consulted on who should be invited. Hence, it is best to consult those closest to her, such as her mother, siblings, and best friends, to gather an idea about whom to invite to the event. A bridal shower is separate from the wedding, and while the wedding guest list may include far more people, a bridal shower is a more intimate setting and event, and ideally, those closest to the bride to-be should be invited.

Arrival of the bride to-be

The smallest of details would add to the atmosphere of the event. A limousine charter can be booked to bring the bride to-be to the venue. Her bridal retinue, such as the bridesmaids and aid of honor, can be brought to the venue in another limousine.

Entertainment for the evening

The entertainment for the evening should reflect the personality of the bride. If she is one who enjoys jazz, for example, a favorite jazz band may be invited to play at the event. Additionally, the bridal party can put together presentations and performances.

Food and beverages

The food can range from classy four-course meals to fun items such as cupcakes and French fries. The organizer of the bridal shower should have good knowledge of the bride’s references in order to make the selections for food and beverages accordingly.