Moving Abroad Is Not Easy Peasy

The decision to move to another country is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. It can be a tedious task of uprooting your life and becoming familiar with a whole new landscape. Similarly it can be a rewarding experience with new opportunities opening up to you.

Countries such as Singapore are welcoming of new talent but the process can also be competitive due to the vast number of applicants who wish to move there. Therefore if you decide to take that leap, here are some things that you might have to factor in to calculate your chances of getting that Singapore PR.

Age – Age is an important factor when applying for a PR. between 25 and 30 years of age is the ideal time to make this application. Being within this age bracket is when you have gathered sufficient experience to contribute to the new society while also having many years of service ahead of you to offer. Therefore make sure you do not miss this window of opportunity. Of course other age groups also have certain advantages such as older candidates who would have more years of work experience.

Qualifications – Your qualifications will have a direct impact on your application. The better your qualification are, the higher your chances will be of being offered a PR in a foreign country so its better to have an appoint a company secretary. Therefore ensure that you have gathered some proper qualifications while preparing your application. However your education, just like migration, is a journey that keeps unfolding and it is perfectly reasonable if you also intent to complete a part of it such as a master’s degree in the country you wish to move to.

Industry – The industry in which you engage will also matter in your application process especially since your acceptance to the other country also depends on the availability of jobs in that country. For instances specialised industries such as law and medicine will require that you complete additional exams in those countries in order to qualify to practice under local jurisdictions. Other areas such as marketing or human resource management will have a higher number of jobs available to foreigners.

Sponsors – Another way of increasing your chances of getting PR in a foreign country is to have sponsors in that country such as a family member or friend who is willing to take you under their wing. It is not an essential part of your application process but simply accepted that having this connection to your homeland would increase your chances of adjusting to life in a foreign country.