Know Your Pharmaceuticals: What You Are Getting When You Buy Over The Counter

As much as we hate going to the doctor when we are sick, we hate being sick even more. So what do we do? We go for over the counter products that give us light relief until whatever we are suffering from gets worse and we are forced to go to the hospital. But do you know actually what we are being given over that counter? After all, scientific research has shown that placebos bring relief to people on the strength of the belief they engender, so it is quite possible that the headache curing pill you swallowed has more calcium in it than an actual pain killer. Here are some common remedies we buy from the pharmacy and what medicines and chemicals they should contain:

Headache Pills

There is a pill out there for every type of headache possible, from the mild sun induced headache to the crazy migraine. The more common headache medicine will typically contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which relieve pain and reduce fevers. Many contain ibuprofen in some form which is a pain relief chemical which is soluble. Others contain aspirin which is also a blood thinner and should be avoided by children below the age of 14. Many pills will have additional vitamins or other nutrients so don’t be distracted by the listing on the label. Look for the main ingredients.

Skin and Eye Creams

People often go straight to cosmetic counters and buy an eye cream for dark circles without ever questioning its effectiveness. They are supposed to lighten the skin, tighten the skin and hopefully, stop the skin from staining again. However, not all products contain niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3) and vitamin C which are crucial in skin lightening products.

Vitamin B3 works to restore elasticity and remove discolorations in skin and bring back a healthy tone overall. Vitamin C can rejuvenate skin and cleanse it of impurities, thus making skin look younger and brighter. If both of these ingredients are absent in an eye cream for dark circles Singapore then beware – it may only contain bleaching agents.

Salves for Muscle Pains

The most common back pains are usually the result of inflamed muscles due to a pulled muscle or tendon, or a sprain. These can be easily cured with the pain relieving analgesics ibuprofen or naproxen. These are the primary ingredients in most pain relievers whether they are to be applied to the area in the form of creams and salves, or taken orally as pills. Other pain relieving medication could be acetaminophen or celebrex, the last of which is prescription only. If you don’t see any of these ingredients listed on the medication, be wary of what you are buying into as they may not cause any relief whatsoever. Always be very careful of what you buy over the counter as the pharmacist is not responsible for what goes in to the medication.