How To Throw A Low-Key Wedding Ceremony

If you’re the no-frills type who doesn’t want a huge event for their wedding, you might want to find out some affordable and simple suggestions for your ceremony. You don’t need to throw an expensive event for 150 people to have the perfect wedding. By being smart and frugal, you can actually have an intimate and meaningful event for family and close friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning this significant milestone. Click this link for more information about vegetarian restaurant Singapore.


Work out a realistic budget. You don’t have to spend excessively; you should be saving as much money as you can for your future life with your partner. If you want to have children someday, you’re going to need all the money you can save. With this in mind, figure out how to make a low budget work. This is not really too hard. For example, you can find a solemnization venue that will serve as the location and provide catering as well. This will significantly reduce your costs.

Ask for Help

You don’t need to do it all on your own. Nor do you need to hire a costly event planner. Your friends and family will gladly be able to assist you. Instead of designating the best man and maid of honor to take on all the major responsibilities, spread the tasks out among some of the others involved. This way you can reduce the burden on you and each of the people helping you. People will also be happy to offer services if you ask them to forgo gifts and help instead.

Simplify Everything

Just about everything can be simplified. You can arrange for minimal decoration and put together your own bouquets. All you really need is a nice color scheme, perhaps some ribbons, and strategically placed flowers. Going about it this way will prevent any ostentatious or pretentious appearance. Save a little extra by sending invitations through e-mail rather than paper. It’s good for the environment too. Or you could have small homemade cards that can be handed over, instead of huge printed envelopes and intricate designs. Also, instead of opting for a place for the wedding plus another location for the reception, choose a nice solemnization venue where you can have both.

Skip the Live Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a live band to entertain, especially nowadays. You can always put together your perfect playlists and have them played on a stereo system. This will significantly reduce your costs, and you can always have a friend or family member handle any requests. If you really want to hire a band, you can still cut costs by hiring them only for a couple of hours.
Just these few steps will make your special day easily affordable and still unforgettably amazing.