How To Prevent And Cure Pimples

Your face is the mirror of your soul. Keeping the face clean, pure and beautiful is important to everybody. For most teens and youth acne, pimples or zits are a menace. There are many products of face cream, lotions and cleansers available in the market as pimple treatment but not all of them may be effective in reducing or preventing pimples. However there are many natural and home methods that have been identified and they may work differently depending on the skin type. However one of these tips will definitely help you in reducing the pimple problem no matter your skin type.

How to care for your face

It is important to wash your face at least twice a day to keep it free from dirt and other impurities. Washing the face with a gentle facial serum Singapore or a face wash will remove excess oil that rests on the surface of your face. But it is important to remember washing too often will also dry out the skin causing irritation. Use a separate towel to pat your face try and avoid using the same towel that you use on drying your body. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type to avoid the drying out of the skin. But a too greasy or oily cream will only block your pores and cause more irritation. Therefore consider your skin type before applying and also, wash your hands thoroughly before you apply as your hands may have bacteria or dirt in them. Try as much as possible not to touch or break your pimples no matter how itching or irritating they could be. This could harm your skin and make them even worse. Try having a face mask at least once a week and avoid using too many harsh products of makeup on your skin. Also try as much as possible to cover your face from sun and a drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

Using products

There are many over the counter creams, facial serum and cleansers that actually help in reducing acne and blemishes very well. All you got to do is look for ingredients such as Benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur and azelaic acid that are conducive in minimizing pimples. If you are suffering from severe acne, ask a dermatologist to prescribe a stronger cream that is medically tested for acne. Ask a doctor if you need to get any antibiotics to reduce the growth of bacteria. Also there are more advanced methods available today such as laser treatments, light therapy and chemical peels.

Home remedies

As instant methods of getting rid of pimples there are various methods that you could try out at home. Toothpaste and ice are considered very easy and effective treatments for pimples. Apply a blob of toothpaste on the affected area or keep an ice cube. Also or try lavender essential oil, tomato peels, lemon juice or honey on the affected skin to see quick results of reduced pimples.