Hosting A Baby Shower

Is your best friend or sister having a baby? Congratulations! They are probably super excited and you must be too at the prospect of getting to be an aunty! You get to play with and be a cool mentor to your new niece or nephew with less of the responsibility! However, as a future aunt and best friend of the mother to be, it is your duty to host a baby shower for her! Here are some great suggestions…

Plan the menu

First things first – sort out the menu. We would suggest that you host a brunch or tea – that way you can finish the vent early giving the mom to be a chance to put her feet up at night and get some rest. If you are having brunch you could easily serve up some waffles and sandwiches or wraps. Keep food items small – unless it’s waffles. Actually, having a waffle station is a great idea. You could have a combination of several sweet and savoury toppings ready so that everyone can try what they want or create their own personal combination. For instance, have fresh fruits, whipped cream and chocolate sauce on hand, have some sprinkles and chocolate chips and mini marshmallows too. You could have some chicken salad, barbeque sauce, tuna salad and even some roast potatoes, beets and sour cream, tomato salsa, cheese and olives on hand as savoury options. You will also need cake – pick the mom to be’s favourite flavour!

Gift idea

Check on whether the mother to be has signed up for a baby registry in which case you should get her items off of that. You could also think of tshirt printing only get a baby onesie printed.

Most tshirt printing shops will do a custom print onesie for you. You could even get the mom something like a pretty robe to wear in hospital or offer dinner vouchers for those first week so that they can order in food.

Party games

It isn’t a baby shower unless there are games. Have guest play guessing games – like guess the baby’s name, the time of birth or even the date of birth. You could have a onesie decorating station – get some non-toxic fabric paint and some plain onesies for guests to customise. Have a guess the baby food game – where guests are blind folded and have to guess the types of baby food they taste. You could also have baby dressing games that are timed – get some dolls and have guests race to change their diapers!