Here’s Something You Should Think About Before You Open That Old Bottle

“It was supposed to be a small gathering of close mates, but somehow ended up becoming a big crowd.” This is something that you might find yourself blurting out more than once in a while when you have friends over for a few drinks. It is great to have people over but what if you don’t have all the “goods” to entertain them and keep the party going? Before you rage through your liquor cabinet and consider serving up one of those old liquors that have been hanging around for quite some time, here are a few things you should consider first;

Check Colour and Odour of Already Opened Ones

If you find a few bottles that are not quite empty, your first instinct would be to take them out and finish them off. But before you do, there are some things you should be mindful about. Although liquor does not usually go bad, the taste, colour and odour can change over time, especially in opened bottles of alcohol. If these bottles have been exposed to light and heat, there can be some chemical changes that have happened in the composition of the liquor. So before you serve these older bottles to your guests, test the colour and odour and have a little taste to make sure that it is safe for consumption.

It May be More Valuable if Unopened

Think twice before you decide to open up a particularly old bottle of alcohol. It might be a better idea to retail vintage brandy, whiskey, rum and vodka if the bottles are unopened. The reason is that whether what you have is a single bottle, part of a collection or a full collection of dated spirits in their original condition, there might be an interested buyer for it.

Some collectors look for a missing bottle or two for their collection which might be the one that you were considering opening up during the last party! So check if these bottles can be sold off instead. You can look for buyers to sell vintage brandy and other spirits to on the internet.

You Can Always Head to the Store

If you are really in need of another bottle for your guests’ entertainment, then the simplest solution is to head out to the nearest liquor store. Raiding the cabinet might give you a few solutions, but what you find inside might not be sufficient to last the night. Also, if you are not sure whether or not the half empty ones are fit to be consumed and if you want to sell off the unopened ones, it might be a better alternative to buy a cheaper brand from the store.